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Who am I ?

My name is Sofia Jensen and I am educated at the Homeopathy Institute in Copenhagen. I’m also an active member of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, attending annual seminars and continuing my studies with Professor George Vithoulkas ( He is the world’s leading homeopath, and in 1996 he received the Alternative Nobel Prize for his contribution to Homeopathic science.

The first time I became acquainted with homeopathy was a few years ago. I suffered from severe stress and at the same time I was diagnosed with double disc prolapse due to a busy work life within public administration. The prospect of a life with physical limitations and lifelong medication led me to search for alternative treatment options. After a brief course in homeopathic treatment, I decided to forget all about medicine and ordinary doctors. It was a true eye opener for me and I chose to educate myself in homeopathy to help others have a life without restrictions caused by health issues.